3 Things God Would Say About Your Health


If we are going to be the impactful leaders and influencers God has called us to be, we need to make sure we are leading ourselves well. One critical area of health is, of course, our physical health. When it comes to physical health, our problem is not that we don’t know what to do. [...]

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Want to Lead Well? You’re Gonna Need this.


My wife, Rachel, recently shared brilliant wisdom about thriving in marriage and in ministry. In case you missed it, you can read that here. But this week, I want to address the importance of having healthy friendships. As a pastor I try to lead people towards Jesus and towards community. I know that loneliness and [...]

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Marriage, Ministry, and My Better (Prettier) Half


For the last 23 years, my wife, Rachel, has been my partner, my best friend, and my comrade-in-arms. I asked if she would guest-post this week to share some of her insights about what it looks like to experience joy in marriage and ministry. Rachel has built both our home and our church with strength, [...]

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Overcoming Being Overwhelmed


If you're like me, your dreams of what leadership would look like didn't include burnout, failure, becoming apathetic or cynical. But many of our experiences have left us feeling stressed, worn out, and ready to throw in the towel. So how do we overcome being overwhelmed? I've had to learn that as much as I [...]

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Turn A Crowd Into A Community


Easter weekend is over. If you're a church leader, hopefully you've had an opportunity to take a good nap and recover from a marathon ministry weekend. So now what? It's time to roll up your sleeves because while Easter drew a crowd, now is the time to invest in the individuals who made up that [...]

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Kingdom Over Castles


It used to be the case that when you talked to church leaders about church planting, eyes would glaze over, and conversation topics would awkwardly shift. It’s exciting to me that we live in a time when that is changing. Organizations like NewThing, Stadia, Passion For Planting, Orchard Group, and others demonstrate that more and [...]

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You Were Made For More Than Mediocre


Are you satisfied with where you are as a leader? I hope not. I hope you're still hungry to keep growing. But if we are really honest, we all have a tendency to say, "Good enough." We get comfortable. We stagnate and settle into mediocrity. The word mediocre comes from two latin words: medial, which [...]

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5 Ways To Handle Conflict Well


Wouldn't it be nice if leading a church meant leading a group of perfectly loving, gracious people who forgave quickly, moved on, and stayed unified on mission? But we know that church is made up of a bunch of broken, messed-up misfits that Jesus loves. And whether a senior pastor isn't quite seeing eye-to-eye with [...]

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Put Your Best Foot Forward This Easter


It won’t surprise you that Easter is the highest attended weekend of church services, with Christmas being a close second. We call it the “super bowl of church.” So how can we strategically maximize our opportunity to connect with people during these weekends in ways that make first time guests want to come back? The [...]

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Three “Greats” of Leading a Church


Last year at a leadership retreat, my friend, fellow pastor, and the global leader of NewThing, Patrick O’Connell, led a devotional for a group of ministry leaders from all over the United States. He shared three “greats” that Jesus gave to us, and as he spoke, I watched a room full of reputable pastors from [...]

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