Build a generous culture.

Fund the vision.

Building a culture that gets excited about generosity and funding the God-sized vision you have for your church and community is possible. But it’s going to require making a few shifts, a healthy dose of fun and creativity, and a clear strategy to move forward.

I would love to help you get there. 


This one-day experience will provide a deep-dive assessment of your church’s generosity culture. We'll work together to identify what's working, discover new opportunities for growth, and map out practical ways to increase generosity in your church.  


  • Deep dive into your church's generosity culture

  • Analysis of current giving trends in your church

  • Evaluation of existing generosity strategy

  • Practical action steps to take next steps in generosity



Every church has next steps to build a culture of generosity. Generosity Coaching will help close the gap between the vision you have and the funds you need to move forward on an ongoing basis.

Generosity Coaching begins with a complete Generosity Audit.Then we will work together to develop a practical strategy to move towards a culture of radical generosity that reflects your values and DNA, and establish effective language and practices that will drive continued growth.

  • Generosity Audit

  • 13 Generosity Calendar Rhythms

  • Develop strategic action plan

  • Ongoing coaching



You have a God-given vision for your church and a passion to reach your community, but you need an effective roadmap to move you towards your future. A Capital or One-Fund Campaign may be the right solution. Whether you're growing fast and you need to keep up, you need funding to hire more staff or expand your spaces, or any number of big-dream projects the finances to support your vision are within your grasp, and a well-executed campaign can help you get there.

  • Generosity Audit

  • Project Feasibility Study

  • Customized Strategy and Action Plan

  • Start-to-Finish Project Management

  • Ongoing coaching and consulting



A One-Day Strategy Session will  help your team determine the most effective approach, appropriate strategies, and timeline to launch a Capital or One-Fund Campaign. You will receive a detailed 6 – 9 month generosity campaign timeline along with strategic recommendations that will provide a roadmap towards launching a successful generosity initiative.

  • On-site meetings with Senior Leadership Team

  • Individual and Group Interviews/Focus Groups

  • Analysis of growth vision and timelines

  • Report with 6 – 9 month generosity initiative timeline and strategic recommendations

Your church’s vision and story is unique which means that you need someone who will listen well, ask good questions, and build a customized plan to help your church take next steps to develop a culture of generosity that will fuel your mission. I'd love to help.
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